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GFS was born out of the ultimate ambition to offer its customers the best (for real).

Why us?

Our mission is to provide you with the best advice, thanks to our expertise in the world of finance and our professionalism.

Our team will help you implement the best financial strategies for your profile, thanks to our wide range of products and services.


It's a multitude services under one roof!


Have you ever felt limited in what you can do? The GFS story began with this sentiment.

Each of the 3 partners and pillars of the company has a long track record in banking institutions, each drawing great success from selling exclusively the financial products of the institution in question. They knew how to offer the best solution for their customers, but within the limits of the range of products available to them.

The origins of Signature Financial Group go back to Louis-Xavier Savard, who founded the company in May 2012. 

Six years later, in December 2018, Louis-Xavier began discussions with Karl Desgroseilliers about joining the company to add his expertise as a financial security advisor. 

In February 2020, Karl Desgroseilliers and his brother Eric Desgroseilliers become shareholders in the company. 

Signature Financial Group’s vision was already clear around the GFS advantage: to bring together all financial products under one roof to enable synergy between the various components and better meet the varied needs of its customers.

As early as June 2020, the partners begin negotiations with various institutions to become a mortgage brokerage firm, which materializes in October 2020. 

One thing led to another, and the mortgage department became a full-fledged mortgage brokerage firm, with all that this entails: access to over 15 different institutions, and the freedom to offer the financial products of such notable institutions as Caisse Populaire Desjardins, TD Bank and Scotiabank.

Limiting the number of intermediaries and developing its own reference tools has enabled the company to attract the interest of many advisors keen to pass on the GFS advantage to their clients. 

When you do business with Signature Financial Group, you gain access to nearly 200 financial institutions in all departments. It’s fair to say that the initial challenge raised by the founders has been brilliantly met!


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