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Investment loan

With the investment loan, you can invest from day one. The leverage effect of the loan can multiply your return and achieve superior performance compared with a conventional savings strategy.

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investment loan

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For the investment loan example, we have projected an annual interest payment of $4700, corresponding to a prime rate of 3.95%+0.75%. Bear in mind that in this example, if interest rates rise, this will have an impact on the profitability of the investment loan.

Note: It’s important to remove the $100,000 initially borrowed, so the result for the loan is $762,000.

When disbursed, the investment loan will be taxed as a capital gain, so you pay half as much tax as an RRSP, which is added directly to your 100% taxable income.

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The implementation of an investment loan strategy is carried out by our advisors licensed as financial security advisors. The investment will be made in a segregated fund account

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